Public Company

Public Company

A company limited by shares, the liability of which is limited to the amount (if any) that remains unpaid on the Shares held by the Shareholder.

General requirements:

  1. Public Company is allowed to offer its Securities to the Public;
  2. Must have at least 1 Shareholder – can be a natural person or a Body Corporate;
  3. Must ensure that its name is immediately followed by the word ‘Public’ or the abbreviation ‘PLC.’
  4. Minimum Share Capital- US $100,000 at any time;
  5. Must have at least 2 Directors
  6. Must have at least 1 Secretary
  7. Registration fee 300 USD.                                         Apply now

 Application forms:                                                                   

Standard Articles of Association for Public Companies

Template Resolution on Incorporation by Board of Directors

Template Resolution on Incorporation By Shareholders (Public)

Application Form for Obtaining a Business Identification Number

Application to Register Public Company

Details on Beneficial Ownership