Prudential Supervision

Prudential Supervision

About Prudential Supervision

We are committed to promoting the integrity and soundness of AIFC's financial system. Applying a risk-based approach to supervision, our interactions with firms are designed to be proportionate to their size, complexity and the types of regulated activities conducted.

We aim for an open, transparent, and co-operative relationship with regulated firms, maintaining an on-going dialogue with the firm’s senior management in order to remain updated in terms of the firm’s financial position and business activities.

Supervision refers to overseeing of AIFC Regulations and Rules. The AFSA Regulatory Office performs effective ongoing supervision of authorized institutions and individuals.

The AFSA Regulatory Office adopts a risk-based approach to the regulation and supervision of all regulated firms to concentrate its resources on the mitigation of risk to its objectives. The AFSA Regulatory Office will work with a regulated entity to identify, assess, mitigate, and control these risks where appropriate.