Operating a Representative Office

Operating a Representative Office

Operating a Representative Office

Operating a Representative Office means the marketing, from an establishment in the AIFC, of one or more financial services or investments which are offered in a jurisdiction other than the AIFC.


General requirements



Minimum threshold

Authorisation Fee (paid once)

3 000 USD

*According to AIFC Fees Rules 5.1.1., the application may not be regarded by the AFSA as submitted, and therefore ready to be reviewed, until the fee has been paid in full.

Therefore, when the application is ready for submission, please send us a completed request for invoice (please follow the link to download the form) and after that we will issue the invoice for payment. If the payment to be made by a natural person, then please provide a copy of his/her ID as well.

Registration Fee (paid once)

Registration fee is 300 USD (paid once) if you apply via the self-service portal and 500 USD (paid once) if you apply on paper via [email protected].

*AIFC Fees Rules

Supervision Fee (annually)

1 000 USD

*AIFC Fees Rules

Minimum Capital Requirement


Liquid Assets Requirement


Appointment of Internal Auditor


Organisational structure 

Appointment of Principal Representative;

Policies and Procedures


Marketing Material Requirement

*AIFC Representative Officer Rules 3.7




Application package

Application Representative Office
Request for Invoice
Fit and Proper Questionnaire for Controllers
Application Principal Representative Status_A03


Supporting documents


  • Supporting documents

    • Copy of passport of applicant’s each Controller (if natural persons)
    • Copy of passport for the members of the Board of Directors (for corporate Controllers)
    • Latest audited financial statements of the head office
    • A chart showing the shareholder structure of the entity – up to the individual who ultimately owns the company
    • Certificate of Incorporation of the applicant’s Head/Parent Company
    • Certificate of Incorporation/Recognition of the applicant
    • A copy of the regulatory licence of the head office. It must include any restrictions or conditions
    • Application form for Principal Representative
    • Résumés/CVs of proposed staff members
    • Copy of passport of applicant’s proposed staff members

*Under AIFC Financial Services Framework Regulations 31 (5), the AFSA may require the applicant to provide additional information reasonably required for the AFSA to be able to decide the application.

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