Welcome to the Astana Financial Services Authority Ethics and Corruption Hotline!

We, the Astana Financial Services Authority (“AFSA”), adhere to the principles of business integrity, honesty and transparency, and pay great attention to its colleagues and partners’ compliance with those principles.

The AFSA Ethics and Corruption Hotline is an opportunity to report in confidence any cases of corruption, fraud, unlawful or unscrupulous actions by both AFSA employees, the AIFC Exchange, the International Arbitration Centre and the AIFC Court, as well as third parties working with AIFC bodies.

To report a violation, you can:

  • Send an email to: afsa.hotline@deloitte.kz
  • Call: 8 (800) 080 08 31

All statements, including those made anonymously, will be accepted and processed by operators from the independent consulting company Deloitte, which will forward all processed statements to the responsible AFSA persons, who will ensure their professional and confidential consideration. The AFSA guarantees that all statements received will be considered.

The AFSA Ethics and Corruption Hotline operates “24/7”. In addition, telephone calls received between 09.00 and 18.00 will be taken by members of the independent company Deloitte, and at all remaining times (non-working hours, weekends and public holidays), telephone calls will go to an answering machine and then be processed on the next working day.

Thank you for your trust!

* By contacting the AFSA Ethics and Corruption Hotline, you agree to the processing of your personal details by employees of the independent consultant Deloitte, and the AFSA officials responsible for the subject matter of your statement