Restricted Scope Company

Restricted Scope Company


PLEASE PAY YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING:  The registration of Restricted Scope Companies is temporary suspended until further notice of the Registrar of Companies.

This is very similar to Private Company Limited by Shares except to the fact that it has less disclosure on public register.

It is used by professional investors, government entities, family offices and limited instances of institutions for whom less regulation and greater confidentiality will be appropriate.

1. A Company shall only be permitted to be incorporated or registered, and operate, as a Restricted Scope Company if:

(a) it is a Private Company (except in respect of such requirements as may be specifically disapplied in relation to Restricted Scope Companies); and

(b) it is a subsidiary undertaking of another body corporate that prepares and publishes group accounts under the AIFC Companies Regulations or such other enactment as the Registrar may recognise for the purposes of this section; or

(c) it is directly or indirectly wholly-owned by:

    (i) one person; or

    (ii) a group of persons who are members of the same family.

(for the purposes of this subsection (ii) the members of a person's family are that person's parents, spouse and children (including step-children)); or

(d) it is subsidiary undertaking of a body corporate that has been formed by a Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

2. A Restricted Scope Company must not conduct activities that are the conduct of Financial Services under the AIFC Financial Services Framework Regulations unless it is authorised by the AFSA to conduct the activities.

3. A Restricted Scope Company must use only the name of the Company that is entered in the Register, and must ensure that, whenever it uses that name, the name is immediately followed by the words 'Restricted Limited' or 'Restricted Ltd.'

Registration fee 300 USD.