Non-profit Incorporated Organisation

Non-profit Incorporated Organisation

An Incorporated Organisation must not conduct an activity unless the activity is an Authorised Activity.

Authorised Activities are the following:

  1. activities related to the promotion and development of financial services, so far as the activities are approved at discretion of the Registrar of Companies in relation to the Incorporated Organisation, a class of Incorporated Organisations or Incorporated Organisations generally;
  2. professional and financial services activities, except so far as the activities are activities declared by the Rules not to be authorised activities.
  1. An Incorporated Organisation must not be formed to conduct activities for the purpose of commercial or financial gain for its Founding Members or Ordinary Members or former Founding Members or Ordinary Members;
  2. One or more Founding Members may apply for the incorporation of an Incorporated Organisation;
  3. An Incorporated Organisation must have Founding Members and may have Ordinary Members;
  4. Incorporated Organisation, must, at all times, have a registered office in the AIFC to which all communications and notices to may be addressed;
  5. Name of the Incorporate Organisation must immediately be followed by the words ‘Non-profit Organisation’ unless those words are part of its name;
  6. The Charter of Organisation of an Incorporated Organisation must define who may become a Founding Member or an Ordinary Member of the Incorporated Organisation;

The financial resources of an Incorporated Organisation may consist of the following:

  1. fees collected by the Incorporated Organisation for services provided to the Founding Members or Ordinary Members;
  2. grants and donations received by the Incorporated Organisation and accepted by its Board;
  3. any other resources approved by its Board in accordance with these Regulations and the Rules;
  4. Registration fee 1000 USD.

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