AFSA approved Guide on the Authorisation process and Fund Management Guide
AFSA approved Guide on the Authorisation process and Fund Management Guide
30 June 2020 09:01:31

Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA) has adopted a Guide on Authorisation process and a Guide on setting up an investment fund in the AIFC. Both documents were developed to enhance understanding of applicants on the matters AFSA takes into consideration when assessing applications for authorisation of firms and establishing Fund Manager and Funds in the AIFC.

The Guide on the Authorisation process contains: (1) description of AFSA’s authorisation function and types of activities that are licensed or recognised; (2) description of the authorisation process that AFSA follows to be satisfied that an applicant is fit and proper; (3) information that may assist applicant firms in completing the application forms for authorisation; (4) information as to AFSA’s risk-based approach to authorisation; (5) information on matters which AFSA may assess when considering applications for authorisation.

The Guide is therefore relevant to a Person who is seeking to be authorised or recognised by the AFSA or to a Person who is already subject to applicable laws, Rules and policies administered by the AFSA such as Authorised Persons (i.e. Authorised Firms or Authorised Market Institutions), Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions, Registered Auditors, Audit Principals, Approved and Designated Individuals, Principal Representatives and any other Persons subject to the AFSA’s regulatory oversight.

Fund Management Guide includes information on authorisation of Fund Managers in the AIFC, including: (1) investment fund regime and types of funds available in the AIFC; (2) establishment of a fund and fund management company; (3) Preparation to application process; (4) tax regime in the AIFC and FAQs.

The Guides are published under Guides section on the AFSA website (link to guides).

In case of further inquiries please feel free to contact AFSA Communications team at [email protected].

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