Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership

May be established in the AIFC for any lawful business, purpose or activity by 2 or more Persons.

Must, at all times, have a registered office in the AIFC to which all communications and notices to the partnership may be addressed.

A general partner is liable, jointly and severally with the other partners, for all debts and obligations of the partnership.

A limited partner is not liable for any of the partnership’s Liabilities beyond the amounts that they have already contributed or agreed to contribute.

  1. Includes 1 or more Persons called general partners and 1 or more Persons called limited partners,
  2. A Person may not be a general partner and a limited partner at the same time;
  3. A Limited Partnership must have a partnership agreement;
  4. Name of the limited partnership must end with the words ‘Limited Partnership’;
  5. The general partners may apply for registration of the limited partnership, and for the registration
  6. Registration fee 300 USD                            

Application forms:

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Application Form for Obtaining a Business Identification Number

Template Resolution on Incorporation by Partners

Details on Beneficial Ownership

Application to Register Limited Partnership

Standard Partnership Agreement for Limited Partnership