AFSA Hotline Services

AFSA Hotline Services

Welcome to the Astana Financial Services Authority Ethics, Corruption and Speak Up line!

We, the Astana Financial Services Authority (“AFSA”), adhere to the principles of business integrity, honesty and transparency, and pay great attention to its colleagues and partners’ compliance with those principles.

The AFSA Ethics, Corruption and Speak Up line is an opportunity to report in confidence any cases of corruption, fraud, unlawful or unscrupulous actions by both AFSA employees, the AIFC Exchange, the International Arbitration Centre and the AIFC Court, as well as third parties working with AIFC bodies.

If you have witnessed, or are aware of, wrongdoing happening in the AIFC jurisdiction or your workplace, by an individual or a firm we regulate, you can report your concerns to us in confidence.

When sending an Ethics, Corruption and Speak Up Reports, it is important that you get in contact with the right AFSA Divisions, so they can review and act on the information you provide.

Please check you are ticking the correct answer to make a report, otherwise your information may not reach the relevant Division of the AFSA and may not be acted on.

To assist you decide where to make your report, please:

  • Send an email by filling out the form

Complaints about:

1. Participants to Supervision department’s call numbers accordingly (either to REG (incl ASP), FCD, PRU, CMD, Alt Platforms, FinTech)

2. AFSA Employees:

  • If a current/former employee complains – +7 717 264 73 99 (the form).
  • If a third party complaints – +7 (717) 264 73 96 (the form).

All statements, including those made anonymously, will be accepted and processed by AFSA employees, who will ensure professional and confidential consideration. By submitting this form, you consent to AFSA and third parties based on AFSA decision to process and store your personal data.

The AFSA guarantees that all statements received will be reviewed within 24 hours and acknowledged to you within 3 working days.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and making AFSA a better place to conduct business.

Thank you for your trust!