This guidance below has been written to guide potential Applicants through the process of registration of Companies and Partnerships in the AIFC and should be read in conjunction with the AIFC Legal Acts. The document gives a comprehensive step‐by‐step guide to the practicalities of setting up business in the AIFC, providing greater understanding of what is required from the potential registrants and highlighting some of the issues to be aware of.

Guidance on registration

AIFC Guidance on ultimate beneficial owner

Guidance on Filing Obligations of AIFC Participants to the Registrar

Guidance on Post-registration applications to the Office of the Registrar of Companies

Guidance on Waivers and Modifications

This guidance provides information on procedures for applications to grant waivers or modifications of the provisions of the Legislation Administered by the Registrar of Companies. It also sets out the basis for which the Registrar of Companies grants a waiver or modification of provisions of the Legislation Administered by the Registrar to AIFC Participants or AIFC Potential Participants.