Bilateral cooperation

Bilateral cooperation

AFSA develops bilateral international cooperation with the goal of establishing relations with peer regulators from other countries and financial centres in order to be able to exchange information for supervisory and regulatory purposes.

The AFSA has wide network of agreements and memorandums, enabling cross-border supervisory and regulatory cooperation in banking, insurance, capital markets and FinTech.

 Bilateral Memorandum of Understanding:

  • China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) regarding cooperation on securities and futures;
  • Abu Dhabi Global Markets Regulatory Authority (ADGM) regarding FinTech;
  • Abu Dhabi Global Markets Regulatory Authority (ADGM) regarding Banking;
  • Abu Dhabi Global Markets Registration Authority (ADGM) regarding cooperation between registrars;
  • Dubai Financial Services Authority regarding financial services;
  • Qatar Financial Center Regulatory Authority – regarding financial services;
  • Financial Regulatory Authority of Egypt on capital markets and insurance;
  • China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission;
  • National Bank of Georgia;
  • Bank of Lithuania (FinTech);
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore (FinTech);
  • Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey (BRSAT);
  • National Bank of Kazakhstan;
  • Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB);
  • National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine;
  • Financial Services Commission of Republic of Korea and the Financial Supervisory Service of Republic of Korea;
  • Central Bank of Armenia (banking and insurance);
  • Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF) – includes banking;
  • Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) – capital markets;
  • Central Bank of UAE – banking and investment companies;
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission – General MoU;
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission – AIFMD MoU;
  • Agency on regulation and development of financial markets of Kazakhstan and the National Bank of Kazakhstan – consolidated supervision;
  • Bulgarian Financial Services Commission – regarding capital markets and insurance;
  • OJK Indonesia;
  • Central Bank of Ireland, AIFMD MoU;
  • Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia, AIFMD MoU;
  • Portuguese Securities Market Commission, AIFMD MoU;
  • Financial Supervisory Authority of Romania, , AIFMD MoU;
  • Finantsinspektsioon of Estonia, AIFMD MoU;
  • Bank of Lithuania, AIFMD MoU;
  • Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, AIFMD MoU;
  • Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, AIFMD MoU;
  • Polish Financial Supervision Authority, AIFMD MoU;
  • Austrian FMA, AIFMD MoU;
  • Liechtenstein FMA, AIFMD MoU;
  • Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission, AIFMD MoU;
  • Hellenic Capital Market Commission, AIFMD MoU;
  • Malta Financial Services Authority, AIFMD MoU;
  • Financial Services and Markets Authority of Belgium, AIFMD MoU;
  • National Bank of Slovak Republic, AIFMD MoU
  • National Bank of Hungary (MNB), AIFMD MoU;

  • National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic;

  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • Securities and Commodities Authority of UAE (SCA);
  • Central Bank of the Russian Federation;  
  • Capital Market Authority in the Sultanate of Oman;
  • Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier;
  • Cayman Islands Monetary Authority;
  • National Agency of Perspective Projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  • National Bank of Hungary (MNB) - general cooperation;
  • Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia;
  • Kyrgyz Republic’s Service for Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Market under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce;
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